10 Practical & Heartwarming Father’s Day Gifts From Japan

Dad's Dream MicroBead Pillow

Make sure dad gets the best sleep at night with this three-layer microbead pillow made for men by men. Filled with three kinds of microbeads to comfortably support the head and neck, this dream pillow assures good rest at night and even has an odor eliminating effect — but you may want to keep this a secret from dad! Purchase online on Rakuten.

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FitBit Wristband

If dad loves being active and fit, get him a wristband that inspires him to keep staying healthy and motivated. FitBit tracks the heartbeat, stores your dad’s favorite tunes and pumps him up for his workout or just his usual walk. Purchase at Bic Camera, Tokyu Hands and Loft or on Amazon Japan.

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Gourmand Lunch Course at The Grand Hyatt

Invite dad to a delicious teppanyaki-style feast at Keyakizaka, the stylish restaurant based on the first floor of Grand Hyatt Tokyo. Their special Father’s Day menu includes grilled seasonal vegetables, savory wagyu beef, garlic rice, desserts and drinks. The perfect way to take out dad on a date out in the city! Reservations recommended.

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Moisturizing Emulsion from Shiseido Men

This quick-absorbing emulsion will make dad look and feel younger in no time! It minimizes the appearance of fine lines, protects the face and neck from dryness and excessive skin oil. It also soothes razor burns and skin roughness and will leave your dad’s skin feeling smooth like a baby. Purchase at Shiseido stores in Tokyo or order online.

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Jins Screen Glasses

If dad spends long hours in front of his computer, then these glasses will come in handy. They reduce 25% of the harmful blue light coming from electronics that causes eye strain, thus reducing eye fatigue for your hardworking dad. Jins glasses are also known for their stylish and light frame designs and you don’t need any prescriptions to buy them — get your pick at any Jins stores in Japan or buy online.

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Mesh Slip-on Shoes

With summer days in Tokyo getting hotter and hotter, dad will never stop wearing these stylish and comfortable shoes. Fashionable, comfy and easy to wash, we guarantee you that these will be dad’s favorite summer wear! Buy at Estnation store in Roppongi Hills or order online.

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Classy Dad's Stylish Handkerchief

You can never go wrong with a stylish handkerchief, but this one goes even a step further: you can customize it with original handmade embroidery, making it dad’s one-in-the-whole-world item. Plenty of designs to choose from for every hobby dad has, including music and golf, or go minimalistic with single initials-only simple designs. Buy at Classics The Small Luxury at Roppongi Hills or online.

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Father's Day Grand Buffet At TAC

This annual culinary shout-out to fathers at Tokyo’s American Club in Minato-ku features a range of dad’s favorite eats, including BBQ back ribs, sushi, seared lamb chops, deep-fried crab claws, slow-roasted beef, curry and veggie tempura. All this accompanied by live jazz!

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Tokyo 2020 Official Licensed Product: Necktie

Two years from now many fathers might be wearing this one, so be the first to let your dad wear the excitement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games way ahead of time! If you’ve got a father who’s really into sport and the Games, this one’s for you! Buy online at the Tokyo 2020 Official Licensed Goods website.

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Dad's Special Portrait

Something to warm dad’s heart, this custom-made portrait is a unique gift that no other dads in the whole world will have. You may need some help with Japanese if you’re not fluent to order this one, but it’s easier than you think: upload your pop’s best photo (could be the two of you together too), write a customized message, choose the wrapping, and click order.

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