1914 Ford, 1937 Horch liven up classic car event in Tokyo

A 1914 Ford Model T Touring of the United States and a 1937 Horch 853 of Germany were among the classic motor vehicles that livened up a recent exhibition and parade event in downtown Tokyo.

Some 100 cars from Japan, the United States and Europe ran public roads for 11 kilometers from the Jingu Gaien area to the Ginza area, entertaining photographers and onlookers, during the Classic Car Festival organized by Toyota Automobile Museum.

Many of the automobiles gathered for the event are privately owned, according to the museum set up by Toyota Motor Corp.

The first model of Mazda Motor Corp’s two-seater Roadster, known as Miata and MX-5 overseas, also drew the attention of car aficionados during the event.

The organizer displayed the car along with four other models which all debuted in 1989, the first year of Japan’s Heisei Era which began when Emperor Akihito ascended the throne in that year.

«As this is our last classic car festival in Heisei, we collected the vehicles to look back on» what happened during the era, museum head Naoaki Nunogaki said in his address. The emperor will abdicate in April 2019.

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