5,000 typhoon-stranded people being transported out of Kansai airport

About 5,000 people stranded at Kansai International Airport due to a powerful typhoon that has ripped through western Japan were being transported out Wednesday via a high-speed boat.

Typhoon Jebi on Tuesday caused the airport to close due to strong winds and high waves that also pushed a ship into a bridge linking the airport with the mainland. The typhoon left at least seven people dead and more than 200 injured.

(Supplied photo shows Kansai International Airport darkened by a power outage)

A high-speed boat that links Kansai airport to nearby Kobe airport with regular services began transporting stranded passengers and others there Wednesday morning on special runs. The boat can carry 110 people at a time.

The Kansai airport operator said those stranded at the airport may also be transported by bus to the mainland using lanes not affected by the ship’s collision with the bridge.

Due to the typhoon on Tuesday, the airport’s runway and the basement floor of a terminal building were flooded, and all of its runways were closed.

Jebi became the first typhoon categorized as «very strong» by the weather agency to make landfall on Japan’s main islands since 1993 when a powerful typhoon left 48 people dead or missing.

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