Another quake shock absorber maker found to have falsified data

The land ministry said Tuesday that quake shock absorber maker Kawakin Holdings Co. has been found to have fabricated quality data on its products, days after a similar scandal unfolded over another manufacturer, KYB Corp.

Kawakin’s oil damper maker unit altered quality data on four quake absorption and 89 quake control devices shipped between February 2005 and last month, when they did not meet standard figures set by its customers.

The faulty products have been installed at 93 structures in 26 of Japan’s 47 prefectures, including offices and hospitals, according to the ministry.

The company said it has also altered data on products shipped overseas but the details are still under investigation.

It held an internal probe after KYB, with the largest share of about 40 percent in the seismic isolator and damping device market in Japan, reported data fabrication last week.

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All — Kyodo News+

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