Egyptian ex-sumo wrestler suspected of driving again without license

Egyptian former sumo wrestler Osunaarashi is under investigation again for driving without a license, after being fined earlier this year for a collision while doing so, an investigative source said Friday.

The former sumo wrestler, whose real name is Abdelrahman Shalan, is also suspected of speeding while driving in Shizuoka Prefecture in April, according to the source.

From camera footage, police identified the 26-year-old Egyptian as the driver of a vehicle traveling at over 140 kilometers per hour on a highway, the source said.

The former sumo wrester is currently in the United States and the police plan to question him if and when he returns to Japan.

In February, he was fined 500,000 yen ($ 4,460) by a court for driving in the central Japan prefecture of Nagano in January without a license, and being involved in a collision.

The first-ever African sumo wrestler retired from the Japanese traditional sport after being requested to do so by the Japan Sumo Association in March as punishment.

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