Football: Andres Iniesta scores sponsorship deal with Asics

Spanish football star Andres Iniesta has switched his Nike boots for new ones from Asics Corp., announcing a multiyear sponsorship deal with the Japanese sporting goods maker.

At a press conference in Tokyo on Monday, Iniesta said, «My boots are my most important tools. I was impressed by Asics’ passion and the fact that I get to be involved in product development.»

Soccer: Vissel Kobe's Iniesta

In addition to promoting the brand by wearing the new boots, molded specifically to fit the FC Barcelona legend’s foot, and appearing in commercials, Iniesta, who now plays for J-League side Vissel Kobe, will also take on an advisory role in product development, according to Asics.

«We’re thrilled to be working with Iniesta as an incredible talent and an inspiration to the industry and fans across the globe,» said Asics CEO Motoi Oyama.

The Kobe-based footwear and apparel maker plans to release an Iniesta signature color model for its DS Light X-Fly 4 line, featuring the same crimson red — Vissel’s team color — on Iniesta’s boot. The limited edition will go on sale in November at select Asics stores and official Vissel Kobe retailers in Japan.

Soccer: Vissel Kobe's Iniesta

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