Haruki Murakami to donate manuscripts, vinyl records to Waseda Univ.

World-renowned Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami said Sunday he will donate manuscripts of his books as well as vinyl records for an archive at Waseda University.

«Nothing would make me happier if such a facility were of use to those who want to study my works, whether Japanese or foreigners,» said Murakami, 69, in a very rare appearance in a press conference.

«I hope it will be the start of a cultural exchange,» said Murakami, who graduated from the university in 1975, adding he will also offer letters and translated works to the Tokyo institution.

The Japanese author’s novels, translated into more than 50 languages, have become a global phenomenon, propelling him to the status of likely contender for the Nobel Prize in literature.

Murakami has won several literary prizes, including the Franz Kafka Prize in 2006, the Jerusalem Prize in 2009 and the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award for 2016.

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