JAL co-pilot pleads guilty at court to being over legal alcohol limit

A Japan Airlines Co. co-pilot arrested after failing a breath test before a flight pleaded guilty on Thursday to being over the legal alcohol limit, an official at a British court said.

His sentence is expected to be handed down on Nov. 29, the official said.

The Japanese airline said Thursday the 42-year-old co-pilot had been arrested by British police for exceeding the limit for alcohol consumption, forcing it to operate the flight from Heathrow Airport to Haneda airport in Tokyo with two pilots rather than the normal three over the weekend.

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Alcohol in nabbed JAL pilot 10 times U.K. limit

JAL said the co-pilot was found to be more than 10 times over the legal limit set under British aviation law after he drank two bottles of wine and five cans of beer over six hours from 6 p.m., the night before the flight on Sunday.

His arrest came after the driver of a Heathrow Airport crew bus noticed the smell of alcohol on the co-pilot’s breath and alerted police, JAL said.

The airline’s own breath-testing equipment had not detected a problem earlier and the co-pilot is suspected of having improperly cleared the alcohol check, according to JAL.

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