Murder suspected in death of rich man dubbed Japanese “Don Juan”

Police are investigating the sudden death in May of a wealthy man in western Japan, dubbed a Japanese “Don Juan” for being a womanizer, as possible murder after stimulants were detected in his body, investigative sources said Monday.

Kosuke Nozaki, 77, was found collapsed by his wife, 55 years his junior, on the sofa of his bedroom on the night of May 24. He was later confirmed dead and an autopsy found traces of illegal narcotics in his system, while no external injuries were found.

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The cause of death was identified as acute circulation failure, and investigators are trying to determine if his death was caused by the stimulant drugs, the sources said.

Nozaki was the president of a liquor sales company and financial businesses in Tanabe, Wakayama Prefecture, an area whose old name was Kishu.

Nozaki was featured in TV programs and magazines after publishing his autobiography in 2016, titled “Don Juan of Kishu: The Man Who Gave 3 Billion Yen to 4,000 Beautiful Women,” likening himself to the mythical playboy in Europe.

His marriage to his current wife in February, when she was 21, was also featured in magazines.

Police have searched Nozaki’s home in Tanabe and related locations in Tokyo on suspicion of murder. They also required relevant people to have urine tests and have been questioning them.

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