South Korean man served fresh arrest warrant over stabbing in Tokyo

A South Korean man was served a fresh arrest warrant Wednesday for the alleged attempted murder of a Japanese man who had just exited the NHK broadcasting center in Tokyo, police said.

Lee Chae Hyon, 46, is suspected of stabbing a 48-year-old man in the neck while walking near the NHK broadcasting center in Shibuya Ward at around 9:30 p.m. on May 18. The wound in the man’s neck was 15 centimeters long and 5 cm deep, police said.

(The NHK broadcasting center in Tokyo’s Shibuya Ward)

According to the police, Lee turned up at the Shibuya Police Station the following day and indicated his involvement in the stabbing. He was quoted as saying, “It is a message to Japanese media for their irresponsible reporting.”

Lee told investigators that he attacked the man because he appeared to have high social status. Lee has remained silent since the fresh arrest warrant was served, the police said, adding that the two did not know each other.

The victim, a resident of Kanagawa prefecture, is an employee of a video production company and frequently worked for NHK, also known as Japan Broadcasting Corp.

Lee was arrested on suspicion of breaking immigration law when he appeared at the police station on May 19, police said.

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