Stealth jet flight, model of new drone highlight China air show

A demonstration flight by Jian-20 stealth jets and the first glimpse of a model of a new combat drone drew the attention of visitors to an air show in China’s Zhuhai.

China had unveiled the Jian-20 next-generation radar-evading aircraft in the previous round of the biennial event in 2016 and the People’s Liberation Army Air Force announced earlier this year that the fighter has been deployed to an air force unit.

China’s air force flew three Jian-20s on Nov. 6, the first day of the six-day International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition.

The organizers also displayed a life-size model of the Caihong-7 stealth drone to be used for reconnaissance and attack. Chinese media reported that the unmanned airplane, which is 10 meters in length and 22 meters in width, could make a flight in 2019.

The air force’s commander, Lt. Gen. Ding Laihang, said it «will protect state sovereignty in a resolute manner» as he made his address during the opening ceremony.

Many visitors also took a close look at a prototype model of «Tianhe,» to be used as the core module of the planned China Space Station, which was made public for the first time.

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