Summary of Prince Fumihito’s press conference ahead of 53rd birthday

The following is the summary of questions and answers in a press conference of Prince Fumihito held ahead of his 53rd birthday Friday.

Q: Princess Mako’s marriage with Mr. Kei Komuro has been postponed. What do you think about reports on Komuro’s family?

A: I am aware of the reports by weekly magazines and other media (over a financial dispute between Komuro’s mother and her former fiance). Mr. Komuro contacts us once every two or three months. If the two still have feelings for marriage, Mr. Komuro’s side should respond accordingly.

I have already told them that (Komuro) should settle the issues that have been talked about and clear up the problems. If (their marriage) cannot be celebrated by many people, we cannot hold the betrothal ceremony of «Nosai no Gi.»

Mr. Komuro has explained to us that some parts of the media reports (on the financial dispute) are not true, but we do not know whether he will take some kind of action.

Q: What are your thoughts on the imperial succession events and rituals?

A: The Daijosai grand thanksgiving rite is an imperial family event and highly religious. I wonder if it is appropriate to cover its cost with state funds. I was opposed to doing so in the previous Daijosai to mark the Heisei era. However, (the government) has decided to follow the Heisei precedent.

Although it has been decided, I feel unconvinced.

I am wondering about the relationship between the religious event and the Constitution. I still believe it should be funded from the private expenses (of the emperor, empress, crown prince and his family) and the rite should be less costly to stage.

I have conveyed my views to the chief of the Imperial Household Agency and other officials. But to my regret, they did not listen to me. It was extremely regrettable.

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