Sumo: Tochinoshin’s ozeki promotion now certain

Japan Sumo Association chairman Hakkaku made sekiwake Tochinoshin’s promotion to sumo’s second-highest rank a certainty by agreeing to convene an extraordinary meeting to consider the move.

Sumo elder Onomatsu, the JSA’s judging director, is in charge of wrestlers’ promotions. On Sunday, he said Hakkaku had accepted his request to convene a board of directors meeting on Wednesday. To date, the board has never rejected a proposed promotion.

The Georgian wrestler entered Sunday’s finale of the 15-day Summer tourney on two losses. He was also set to receive a technique prize, one of the three coveted special prizes on offer at every grand sumo tournament. Tochinoshin has 36 wins over three consecutive meets — with 33 considered a prerequisite for ozeki promotion.

The 30-year-old won January’s New Year Grand Sumo Tournament with a 14-1 record and earned the Outstanding Performance Award in the March meet when he finished at 10-5.

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